State of the Alts

Posted: December 23, 2012 in Uncategorized, WoW
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After several months of inactivity, I have decided to give this blog some love.  I figure the best place to start is a What am I doing now? kind of post.  This is that post!

Let’s start with games!  At the moment, due to my internet situation (Australia’s internet is metered – my wife and I get 15gb a month, before they lower our speed to unusable), I have curtailed my play on always-on connection type games.  The notable exception is WoW, which has been where most of my free time has went recently.  I’ve also went back to playing several of my older games on steam and a few new ones (mostly small footprint games that don’t take my monthly allowance of bandwidth to download).  In addition to WoW and the steam games, I reinstalled WC3, D2, D3, and SC2.  I downloaded all of them before I left the states, and just had to update them.  I haven’t devoted much to them.  It’s mostly been a level/quest or two at random intervals on them.

WoW, on the other hand, has gotten a lot of my attention recently.  I have been spending more time on alts than doing dailies.  Have I mentioned I hate dailies?  Guess what?  I HATE dailies!  I would much prefer to run dungeons, new quest areas, raids, etc. than do dailies.  It shows pretty well too. My ~main~ has two reputations (Golden Lotus/Klaxxi) at revered and another two (tillers/cloud serpent) at exalted.  The rest of them, well, I haven’t devoted much attention to them.  Shieldwall got a week or two devoted, but that’s about it.

As for the characters themselves, my ~main~ is a Blood DK.  The only other 90 that I have is my rogue.  Those two are on different servers from each other.  As a matter of fact, I have 3 servers that have chars at 80 or above.  That count (chars above 80) is somewhere around 15 (most of them are 85+). The most recent being a priest that I’ve been leveling as Disc.  He’s also the next character I plan to hit 90 with. I’m going to test smite healing in a LFR environment.

If you’re looking for the breakdown of my WoW characters, here it is:

Death Knight: 90, 80

Rogue: 90, 82

Shaman: 85 (x2)

Warrior: 85 (x2)

Paladin: 85, 82

Hunter: 85, 80

Mage: 85

Druid: 85

Priest: 80

I don’t have a warlock or a monk at a decent enough level to consider them for the list.


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